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Helped with a rough part of my life,tried a lot of think but the cannabis oil here worked wonders.Honest, knowledgeable people here.


After lumbar spinal surgeries it was hard to sleep.You guys have been saviors.My pain was relieved and I could sleep again!! Thank you.


I live with a mental illness and high levels of anxiety. My use of medical cannabis for my anxiety and other ailments has given me the ability to function and work throughout the day. The truth is that, for me and many others, cannabis works!


I’ve used small amount of cannabis to manage severe anxiety brought on by years of prescribed opiate use to manage chronic back pain. Other options where Xanax, which can cause death as a consequence of withdrawals.


I live in severe chronic pain brought on by severe nerve damage.After using cannabis for the first time, I could not believe the difference in a short time after smoking it. My pain level dropped tremendously.


I got my wisdom teeth out and it worked wonders! Dr prescribed me vicodin for pain but unfortunately made me sick so I had to find another solution.great pain killer and provided a great new alternative for medicating.


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