How To Order

Method 1: Printable (Cash, Gold, Silver and Canadian Tire Money to mailbox)

1. Print out the PDF Order Form (or use a pen/paper if no printer)
2. Fill in your order, please use SKU for best service
3. Contact us for our mailing address for payment.
4. Mail your cash payment by wrapping bills around tin foil.
5. Register the mail if you want proof it arrived.
6. Await for your tracking number and shipment.
(Normal mail times apply)

Method 2: Online (Same day shipping)(Interac, Email Transfer, Paypal, Credit Card and Bitcoin)

1. Order Online by checking on the products you want.
2. Submit your order.
3. We contact you with payment details sent to your email address for Interac, Email Transfer, Paypal and Credit Card orders will be proceed right away.

4. Follow instructions on how to send payment.
5. Submit payment and await for your tracking number sent to your email.
6. Orders paid in full using (Interac) will receive same day shipping.